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Eliminate Your Electric Bill Today: No Money Down Program

Did You Hear About Us On KNST With Garret Lewis? Contact Tim Now To Learn How You Can Own Your Own Solar PV System With No Money Out of Pocket.

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If you could generate your own power with no money down and payments less than your current electric bill...why wouldn't you do it?

It is very simple to get into Solar Energy.  By evaluating 12 months of your electric bills, I can tell how many panels you will need to zero out your electric bill.  This is a free consultation!!  Call me today to schedule your appointment and begin the easy process today to get rid of your ever increasing electric bill.


Contact me now to learn how Solar Solution AZ can save you thousands of dollars.  This in NOT a lease program...You own the system.  With tax incentives that also cover nearly 1/3 of the total have nothing to lose.  Call me today to schedule your free, no pressure evaluation.

I promise to do all I can to find the right "Solution" for you


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